the convergence of science and design

changing the future of the interior design industry

Science in Design teaches interior designers about the positive effects of beauty, nature, and fine design on people’s physical and emotional health. The goal is to help designers use beauty to promote healing, which has been proven by the study of neuroaesthetics and medicine. The mission is to make the design industry see that they can be a source of health and well-being for people.

Aesthetics, Beauty... and the Power to HEAL

Science in Design believes that understanding humans and their needs is essential for the future of interior design and architecture. Design has the power to create pleasure and beauty, which can have a positive impact on our emotions and physical health. 

Studies in neuroscience have proven this to be true. Science in Design aims to inspire people by showing them that their value and role in creating beautiful spaces is important and valuable. It is an evolutionary imperative that humans have a need for aesthetic experiences, and this need is hard-wired in our DNA. 

Therefore, beauty and design are not optional, they are essential for our well-being.

Fractal design principles have been utilized, unconsciously or not, for thousands of years

Is it Science? Art? Design? ... or is it the


“Architects and designers have a greater ability to improve public health than medical professionals.” – Dr.Claudia Miller

When we experience beauty it gives us pleasure… a sense of awe and wonder. It lowers our heart rate. Blood pressure. Beauty creates a biological response…and arousal.

 “Beauty is the superpower that sustains us over the millennia.”

-Susan Magsamen

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine