Founder, Science in Design

The Science in Design journey for me started in 2015 when I met the person who would change the trajectory of my career forever. Don Ruggles, in Denver. Don is an esteemed architect who found his own calling years before when he realized that beauty, pleasure, nature and fine design 
…improve health. What? Wow.

Science is 30+ years ahead of the design industry. That needed to change and I decided, like Don, that I wanted to help lead that change. I embarked on a speaking tour and found that the design world was both humbled, and inspired to be validated at what they, you, have always felt…that good design doesn’t just make us “feel better”, it actually improves health. Your time had come!

I am now committed to helping you see your future…as science sees it! It’s a mission. And now, a passion. I want to help the design industry realize its full value perception as an… “alternative health resource.” 

Science in Design is founded on Neuroaesthetics- the convergence of science and design”. John Hopkins School of Medicine, Universities of Texas, Oregon, and Pennsylvania,  now bring their knowledge to you…through the Science in Design. But, it is now up to you.. You have the ability, the obligation , to share with your clients that the pleasure of beauty…what you provide…is an essential health benefit to them. Let’s break the mold, together! Let’s see the future of our industry! Join us at the… Science in Design!