October 13, 2023

High Point, NC

 ONE FULL Day • 5 EVENTS • 15 Speakers • Innovative Talks • Experiential sessions

Science in Design presents…The Inaugural… “Design, Art & Science Symposium” in High Point, NC.
This three-day event experience, October 13, 2023 will offer innovative, cutting-edge, evidence-based education on science in design and how fine design impacts health.
Discover how Neuroaesthetics, Cognitive Architecture, Beauty, and Biophilia improve health.
Attendees will learn why science thinks of the design industry as an “alternative health resource”! This event will document how beauty, nature, and design improve health.

You are invited to be a part of the FUTURE of
Design and Architecture


Suchi Reddy

Founder, Reddfymade Architecture and Design

Form Follows Feeling

Suchi will discuss how we can implement the translational field of neuroaesthetics and how we can design spaces that are neuro-inclusive in all typologies—from retail to residential.

The room image above was analyzed by 3M VAS technology to demonstrate where the first glance, unconcious mind will be attracted.


On October 13at the Congdon Yards in High Point, attendees will hear from Dr. Rebecca Tapia, a brain function specialist from the University of Texas, on how designers should approach clients the way she approaches patients. Determine needs and symptoms, and then diagnose the design remedy!

– Are you using the new technologies that predict where the mind’s eye will be attracted and read emotional reactions to images? You’ll learn about them at the symposium!

– We’ll include presentations on Science in Design, the Science of Color, and a special, personal interview with two faculty members of Science in Design, Don Ruggles and Ann Sussman, authors of “Beauty, Neuroscience and Architecture”, and “Cognitive Architecture”, respectively.

You will interact with, and experience the sciences of color, biophilia, and the new technologies at the Home Furnishings Hall of Fame. Two full hours of hands-on learning and experiences! Bring your flashdrive, filled with images, and let science and technology corroborate your work!

– As part of the launch of the Science in Design Certification program, Hooker Furniture and Trio Design Studio are collaborating on an exclusive room display incorporating biophilic design and neuroaesthetic principles. IMotions software will identify the emotions you experience while inside this specially designed room!

Science in Design is breaking the mold. It is the future of design! October will be an exciting, game changing, and validating market for the design industry. Designers, retailers, and manufacturers are coming together to experience the future of design!

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